Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last Minute Halloween

Last Minute Halloween
Hey, everybody! I have a treat for all you teenz out there who need help with Halloween! I know I have to have a lot of help in this type of thing, especially for Halloween Dances, Costume Parties, and/ or Trick-or-Treating.
These tutorials and spunky ideas will be pretty easy for a lot of teenz to do, but if you need help, tell your Mom, cuz she knows make-up. Speaking of MOM (follow her), she sent me this video tutorial of awesome Halloween Franken Nails for girls! Check ‘em out! Look at the Vampire Teeth nails, too!
Guys, I know you’re not gonna go to your Mommy for help with your make-up, so here’s a few tutorials just for YOU!
Here’s a Vampire Make-Up tutorial that was done on this girls boyfriend, but if you have the right stuff, you could do this by yourself.
This is a Frankenstein Flesh make-up tutorial. It only has how to do the flesh, but if you take some black eyeliner from your Mom (make sure you ask her) you can draw the stitches on your lips or on the sides of your cheeks!
This is the best look most boys choose for Halloween. It’s……….  The ZOMBIE LOOK! Whoopee! Not only easy and quick, this doesn’t require a ton of make-up and you get a great look!

Are you rushing to create the costume itself? Come to these sites for great and quick ideas for any person.
This site has some surprisingly good ideas, and make sure you go through all of them because they have stuff like an IPOD Commercial and Clark Kent, Superman’s alter ego.
Another good site is THIS one, with 50 ideas from a road to an old person!
Going to a costume party in an hour and a half that you have to bring a snack to? Check out these yummy, quick recipes that you and everybody else will LOVE!
On my Mom’s blog, she has a DELISH recipe for cute spider cookies!
This recipe takes a longer time, but it is totally worth it!
This is a good recipe called Monster Mash, and it doesn’t take long at all. You might be able to substitute the raisins for marshmallows or gummi worms if you absolutely CAN’T deal with raisins.
Well, now you have it. The best Last Minute Halloween. I looked at all of this stuff, and it sounds reliable, yummy, and scary.
Have an awesome Halloween