Friday, November 26, 2010

My Sister Can Play the Recorder-- With Her NOSE!

Hey, friends.
I witnessed a totally spectacular talent the other day. My sister, Allison Eden, can play the recorder. Well, I mean, anyone can PLAY the recorder, but AlleyCat is special! Check out this video of her! THIS is a link to her on YouTube. Weird, right?
AlleyCat taught me how to do it, too, so I should be putting a duet up soon!
Also, please keep a cat named Pepper in your prayers. She died this Wednesday. Pepper was a nice cat, but she was pretty old and the vet knew she was going to die soon. Keep her family in your minds, and make sure you be thankful that you have your kitty, or doggy, or fishy, or rabbit-y, or whatever else you might have.

My Mom is putting up a contest, and no one has entered, so make sure that you enter so that you can win 25  $$smackaroos$$

-     Abbey :)
Keep it cool, friends!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thanksgiving Gathering

Thanksgiving Gathering
So, now that Halloween is done with, what’s the next holiday?
Okay, okay, I’ll admit it—a lot of times Thanksgiving is not the most fun holiday (that’s for Christmas and Halloween!) and it usually involves droning relatives and NO presents. But do you WANT to make it fun?? Here’s how!
First of all, figure out whose coming. If your crazy Aunt and Uncle and their 6 kids are coming, you better have a LOT of stuff ready! But if your deaf Grandma and Grandpa are coming, get prepared with an emergency defibrillator and lactose free pumpkin pie.
So, now you know what you need to plan for once you have figured out whose coming. Here are some great recipes!
·       Lactose free pumpkin pie! Yippee—for your Grandparents! :D This recipe is also good for kids with kids who are lactose intolerant.
·       Try this Chocolate Cake! Okay, it TOTALLY doesn’t meet the original criteria of PUMPKIN PIE, but if you coat it with some orange frosting and decorated with a plastic cornucopia—VOILA! It’s THANKSGIVING related!
·       This is the recipe my family uses, so I KNOW it tastes good. Top with a dollop of whipped cream, it is DELISH!
Now that you have the food planned out, figure out how you’re going to decorate and prepare your pad for visitors and screaming little kids.
Here’s an idea for what my little sister and I did last year when there was a whole bunch of people coming over.
Totally Thankful Decoration Plan
First, we decorated the dining room. We made these awesome nametags for all the people who were coming. Here’s how to do them.
·       Cardstoc-k paper, mostly in red, orange, and yellow.
·       Pens, markers, and crayons.

·       Optional: You can go to the store and buy some shiny cornucopia stickers if you want to be all prissy.
First, fold the pieces of paper in half. Then, you’ve got to write the name of the people on the paper with a black marker. Actually, you can use any color, but I used black marker. Next, you can color it any way you would like, but I stuck with the fall colors, (brown, green, orange, red) and then you set them out. All done!
Next, use your Mom’s fancy, schmancy, prissy plates to show off your Mom’s taste on the table. Then buy some orange napkins, and look at THIS cool way to fold them. Set out some nice silverware, and you’re ready.
Lastly, if your 8 cousins are coming, you’re gonna need some back-up, because even you don’t have enough junk to give away! Make some little bags with some of those cheap activity books and candy in it.