Friday, November 26, 2010

My Sister Can Play the Recorder-- With Her NOSE!

Hey, friends.
I witnessed a totally spectacular talent the other day. My sister, Allison Eden, can play the recorder. Well, I mean, anyone can PLAY the recorder, but AlleyCat is special! Check out this video of her! THIS is a link to her on YouTube. Weird, right?
AlleyCat taught me how to do it, too, so I should be putting a duet up soon!
Also, please keep a cat named Pepper in your prayers. She died this Wednesday. Pepper was a nice cat, but she was pretty old and the vet knew she was going to die soon. Keep her family in your minds, and make sure you be thankful that you have your kitty, or doggy, or fishy, or rabbit-y, or whatever else you might have.

My Mom is putting up a contest, and no one has entered, so make sure that you enter so that you can win 25  $$smackaroos$$

-     Abbey :)
Keep it cool, friends!


  1. What a cute post. I've been having trouble getting on your blog. I got up early and sneaked into my husbands office to use his computer and I got on just HI!

  2. Awesome and talented friend. Hope to see the duet up soon!