Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Golf Ball Doggy

Golf Ball Doggy
I went to the post office with my Mom today. There were sooooo many package slips to take up to the desk.
Anyway, we got the packages and placed them under the Christmas Tree because they were for Christmas. A lot of presents for me and my sisters, a few for my Mom, and NONE for my Dad.
I was starting to feel pretty bad. My sisters had gotten him a present from their ‘Santa Store’ at school. Of course, those were pretty cheap. My sisters had told me:
“Abbey, Abbey—everything at the Santa Store is 2$!!!”
Yeah. How nice is that.
And then, I found the most amazing idea in the history of homemade Christmas gifts.
A Golfball Doggy!
My Dad looooooves golf, but he also loves my dog, Sammy, so—BOOM! It totally matches!

·      7 golf balls (don’t use your Moms nice ones—OOPS :( )
·      A hot glue gun
·      Cardstock paper
·      Sharpie black marker
Glue four of the golf balls in a square.
Glue two of the other golf balls together then glue on top of the square.
Add the last golf ball on top of the two. 
While you’re waiting for this to dry, take the cardstock paper and fashion it into ears, tail, and a tiny nose in whatever design and color you want.

Glue gun those to your golf ball shape in whatever place you want.

Now gift this to whoever you want.

Abbey @ Memoir of a middleschooler!

3 days till Christmas!


  1. This is so cute. I am sure your dad will love it. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work, hugs :-)

  2. Yeah, I hope so. I couldn't think of anything else :D

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