Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sunday Superstar #2

Hey, Everybody!
It’s Sunday Superstar Time!
Week 2

This Weeks Sunday Superstar:
Baby Blues, written by, the Dynamic Duo of Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott, is a dynamic strip about the antics and life of the McPherson family. This week, I think all husbands know what they’re wives need, but they gotta go to the last resort :D
Remember how I was talking about my band concert???
It was the birth of a trumpet hero!
No, you guys don’t have to shower me with congratulations because I did soooooooo amazing—I already got enough of that from- hmmmm, let me think—EVERYBODY?!
I’m guessing I looked something close to this:

Here's me!

Oh, and
6 days till Christmas!
Stay cool, my friends

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